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Dear People of God,

The month of August reminds us of two important celebrations namely Independence of INDIA and the Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven. These two celebrations have great impact on us through leading us to the truth of liberation. India's soul has been craving for liberation from darkness to light, falsehood to realty and death to everlasting life. Our India became an independent nation on August 15, 1947. The glorious past of INDIA as the greatest nation in the world politically, religiously and economically was obliterated by 200 years of British occupation. However, the spirit of the nation was incarnate in the man called Mahatma Gandhi, who restored the pride of mother INDIA through the path of non-violence and self-sacrifice. This great man drew inspiration from the Gospel.

The Church has always believed in the Assumption of Mary, the dogma was defined by Pope Pius XII in 1950 in his Bull Munificentissimus Deus (The most bountiful God). Mary was assumed into heaven - taken up by the power of God. The solemnity of the Assumption of Mary gives us faith, hope and assurance that our dream of building up a new community - that is less corrupt and more just and less violent and more humane.

A celebration of freedom from the clutches of foreign rule for our motherland INDIA and a celebration of freedom into eternity of our mother Mary as she assumed into heaven. Both of these celebrations have indispensable place in our lives as true children of Mary and as Indians. Let me wish each of you a very happy feast of Assumption and a very happy Independence Day.

Yours in Christ

Fr. Vijayachandar, PIME

(Assistant Parish Priest)

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